17 Jul

The words “chat room” may spark controversy when it comes to use in the office. An employer wants a focused employee who has their head down and working at one hundred percent on a task. Well, this is where Slack comes in. It is an online tool to assist with project management within small to large […]

The Job-Seeker Divide
10 Jul

As a candidate (many moons ago) external recruiters played a significant role in a couple of permanent moves I made in my career. I remember being very grateful to them when I was offered a job, and remaining so in the weeks and months after starting those roles. After all, if they hadn’t put me […]

Deciding On a Career Path
06 Jul

Perhaps I am slightly biased, but apprenticeships are great! With the rising volume of apprenticeship schemes over the years, it is difficult not to argue that they have opened up a pool of fantastic opportunities. For younger job-seekers, the ability to secure a sustained role in a company at a younger age is a popular […]